Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Intoduction [please don't read...useless!]

Just got with creating the first blog ...!
Not an apprentice in computing but just an adept !
Couldn't create with HTML and XML and blah blah languages [computing as theory is just madness but online is fun ]

This side is :
Downloaded on earth on: 22 October 1996 [dare call me a KiDOoO!!!..lol]

Favorite Actor: Joe Jonas [so cute] ,John Abraham [i kno all the JJs!]

Favorite Actress : Katrina, Demi, Selena [Hate Miley Cyrus and miley maniacs too]

Favorite Singer: Taylor Swift, David Archuleta, LP, BSB, M2M, SelGomez , JoBros Etc etc

Favorite Songs : well for now: Our song, white horse, you belong with me, Picture to burn, Teardrops on my guitar [all by Taylor Swift] .....gotta find you-joe jonas....so what-pink.....avril lavingne - the best damn thing..............Bas itne hi hain!!

Favorite Movies: twilight...backk...kings of the appletown...new moon!!

Cuisines : Something easly digestable!

Turn Offs: eGo,,,LoNg LoNg LeCtUrES...sHoW oVs...OVeR aTtItUDe

I cant live without: My computer..just can't spend a day without it...!

Well! know it was just a time-waste for you to read this and you know what? you wasted the precious 1.57 min of your life which you would never get back!..and would obviously be thinking what kinda thing am i writing. but i warned you not to read it it was just you who was being stubborn!!!!....for me its a time-pass and for you a time waste...
well the conclusion i get out of this is that i can talk uselessly on anything!!
well express your aggression by posting comments. please do it yaar lagna chahiye kisi ne blog visit kiya hai i know now you also must be thinking "mujhe bhi blog bana chahiye"good or kisi ka bhi ese hi time waste karna!

PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep rawkin' \m/

My favourite ...screenstars!